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Invasive Species 1 :


Occupy, Green masking tape, 

Dimension: Variable

I was asked to create a sculpture piece using tapes. The first word jumped into my mind is “sticky”. I love “sticky” when I need to tape things together; but I hate it when it became a mass. This contradiction reminds me of Invasive Species. In this sculpture, I tried to express a process of invasive species spreading rapidly in a new place. I decided to keep building it until critique because there is no real end once invasive species landed. I aimed to finish my work beautifully and aesthetically, so I gradually enlarged the circles from the wall to the floor. The enlargement of modules added difference with a more sweeping gesture and conceptually implied the suggestion of further potential growth was heightened. 

I intended to convey both positive and negative connotations in this work, like the dual nature of an invasive species. The color is bright, fresh and plant-like attracting viewers’ attention, but there is an acrid edge. The circular modules have both an open and suggestively endless nature, like links in a chain. I made this sculpture larger than human size and grow around the space, because I plan to make the work feel both celebratory (for invasive species themselves) and ominous (for human). 

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