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Invasive Species 2 :


Find Them: Invasive Species , Micron pen on paper 

15 x 10 inches (each), series of 15 

This series depicts the worst invasive species in 15 countries.  Each drawing represents one country.  When I was doing the research, I was surprised that some countries with a distance have the same invasive species.  Therefore, I tried to capture the repetition of invasive species in order to create an interesting entrance into how the viewers may begin to interpret these images. I drew those invasive species in different scales and perspectives based on their influences. The species that cause a terrible issue in the ecosystem overlap the others. 


Those countries are New Zealand, Thailand, Australia, Denmark, Japan, India, Argentina, Canada, the UK, China, France, Africa, Spain, America, and German.


(ranking from left to right, and top to bottom)

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